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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Weather: Muted Sunshine with an Undertone of Chill

Our "craptacular" mood has not subsided, we are in need of defunkification.
We heard that our Employer was going to put some sort of filter that would put and end to posting from work. We don't usually, but are out for the sheer illicit pleasure. One takes one's jollies where one can get them.

And since we are not getting them anywhere else...

Former Spouse is a regular reader, he worries that we are in danger of becoming Lonely Woman with a Cat, but we do not have a cat. We have ourself and we have lovely chats with ourself... You know, like Gollum, hunkered down, gazing at our reflection in the bath tub, nattering on about how we hates those nasty hobitses...

Now all we need is a ring. We would like one from Tiffany's, subtle, not a great big ostentatious sparkler... and not for our wedding ring hand (right, left, left, right... we forget) the other hand, because we have totally bought into the nefarious ad campaign by De Beers that all an independent (read: single, upwardly mobile - or at least willing to assume a bucket load worth of debt to assert her independence - read: Lonely Woman with Cat) woman really needs is something sparkling and expensive to make her feel that all is right and well with the world.

Hey we're there! Sheep with diamonds are sheep none the less... Bahhh!


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