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Monday, November 01, 2004

E minus 8 1/2 hours

I had a conversation over lunch with P six months ago, and I said that the campaign process was going to be a long six months. But it hasn't. Time has just evaporated, and I have finished studying my ballot book, and tomorrow morning I will rise, perform my civic duty and leave it to the lawyers to sort out. That might sound somewhat embittered, but it's not, it's just the reality of modern American politics, especially in an election that it as contentious as this, I may, and Lord do I hope, that I may, be surprised by a moved and determined electorate, but I don't doubt their dirty tricks.

I wax between optimism and pessimism like a hysterical pendulum, you know you've gone cuckoo von nutsville when you are looking to a football team (thank heavens the Redskins lost) to predict the outcome of an election - particularly when you have to ask, what state are the redskins in?

Either way, Emma is one blogger who won't be blogging tomorrow night watching the returns, I will be too busy getting drunk, we are going dry as of November 3rd regardless of the outcome, until Thanksgiving. But we have made a special deal with The Powers That Be, that if John Kerry is elected we will additionally throw in our cigarettes.

Let us all vote and pray.


  • Fair play to you Madame Bovary! You might want to sign up on the QUITTERS INC. blog...
    In the meantime the ENTIRE WORLD is watching you guys right now... isn't that freaky?

    By Blogger Queenshiv, at 10:37 AM PST  

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