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Saturday, February 05, 2005

There She Goes

Sheepishly contemplates own navel...
Somehow I got cagey and managed to disable the breathalyzer all McGuyver like and I escaped. I did not stay within the confines of my yard here at les bons mots, where I can play on my see-saw, which is hard without a second body, but I manage. No, I hopped the fence clutching a virtual vodka bottle and went skipping over the internets dropping comments hither and thither like a gleeful lunatic from the asylum, comments made possibly in latin. Yes, I said latin.

So if in my wanderings during, the wee hours, when a more reasonable person should have retired her drunk ass, I bumbled into your yard and left some incoherent, slushy comment, possibly in latin, there I do apologize.

As my punishment I am going to seek out the nearest classroom and write "I am a pretentious git" one hundred times on the chalk board.

Then I am going to see Luna's last show.

Which inevitably means rinse and repeat.


  • You are hilarious. Don't stop anything. I never understsand why people worry so much.

    I don't speak Latin unfortunately. When panicked and pressed i speak in tongues.

    much love

    By Blogger Ian Vincenzo, at 10:31 AM PST  

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