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Monday, October 17, 2005

yeah, it's me again

I know it's late, but it is hot and the moon is full, I am in a tank and half a skirt, but then again it's October in San Francisco and how we relish our short almost hot Indian summer. I know it's late and I will pay in the morning but I spent an extraordinary amount of money tonight, mind you no sprees were had, no I don't have a sparkly pair of shoes or a shiny bauble, or even a new top. I got squat.

But you can rest assured that the government is feeling a little bit swell at my expense. I suppose that I should feel elated at being debt free, but it's a full october moon and what I really want is a good excuse to squander, on baubles and bubbles and the like.

It's a desparate trap to be caught between your means, which is precisely why I am going to buy a new tennis racket tomarrow, which is precisely why I went to the de Young today - it was free. I was pleased, I have monitered it's going up from the far side, not pretty. Every time I pass it, which is every day as it is on my route to work, the chorus in my brainicle starts humming the darth vader death star tune, but from the front it's quite organic, and the copper doesn't bother me, and the gardens flow, and most importantly the turtle pond has a new and even lovlier incarnation. And I had forgotten the sphinxes and the roccoco urn, all restored, and the plane trees and the fountains are still behind chain link fences, but I think it will be lovely again. I have always loved museums, especially the ones that house all of my old friends, I am always happy to meet new works, but when you cross a piece you have seen before, connected to, it's like meeting and old friend. Which is why I have a particular soft spot for the musee d'orsay which I visit every time I am in Paris, just like I kiss the plaque in front of Notre Dame, it's all about sentimental edumacation, also, for the plaque they say if you kiss it you will always come back to Paris, and I would kiss anything as a conduit to get me south again.

Speaking of going south, I will be threading the line of demarcation on thursday, I will be getting in my car armed with music to skid and brake down highway 101, and speed just a little to catch a chopper to Catalina for another wedding. So I am not going to say anything only that I am going South, and it is soon to be summer there.

A city girl is a city girl, but a country girl in the city has got to have her park, it would be fair to say that I have got eighty percent of that park mapped like my backyard, I know where to find what is in bloom, and the awesomest trees in the botanical garden. And there I go topically skipping from topiary to topiary, or from arbor to harbor but perhaps I digress... just a bit.


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    Heart you.


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