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Thursday, October 04, 2007

After the wedding, during the wedding

there are some days you drink like water, and there are stretches of days you drink like champagne. They go down smoothe, bubbles the slightest welcome tickle, an afternoon becomes a weekend, a rainy day becomes your lover.

On Thursday the plain alights, your almost sister-in-law fetches you and a her friend and makes alien driving manoeuvers , but all is well when the burgers and beer arrive in the late slanting sunlight. Later after the real estate agent, checked into the relentless hipness of the Ace Hotel, isn't ironic how I was paying sort of top dollar to snuggle into a flop house....

I cannot honorably do it justice, I cannot honorably do them justice, this one person I love more than most, my little brother, who got married and giggled and cried, and was the embodiement of sweetness and light, my little brother got married.

She's a good woman and she's lovely.

As for myself, well, after I had done my grateful duty freezing my invisible nuts off in turquoise chiffon, I quite unexpectedly got my rocks off, seems I might have dinner date lined up when I land in Portland a week and two days from now. I was this close to semi drunken dialling, I decided that might be decidedly unwise. So, yes, brother, I am a happy shit grinning little slut. I am armed in fleece and wellies and condoms and she stoops to conquer.

More later, when I have better gathered my wits.


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