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Friday, June 20, 2008


Summer is here. Finally. I celebrated by working in my yard. Pulling weeds is true therapy. I have peonies from my garden dressing my dining room table.

Summer is here. Finally. I woke up the other morning to a summer cold. I am hoping that pulling weeds will cure that, too.

Summer is here. Finally. I was in California last weekend. Apparently it was gorgeous, that is until my plane landed. I have mixed emotions about my visit, it was comforting to be back amongst my dearest friends, but it was so familiar and yet strange, as in discombobulating. I stood out on a deck in Marin in the evening on Saturday and thought that California smells like heaven. And then I thought that I didn't belong there, and I wasn't entirely sure that I belong here either.

Summer is here. Finally. I am sitting on my porch with my laptop balanced on my knees, nursing a beer watching, box of kleenex within reach, watching souls in cars and souls on the sidewalk revel in the late evening warmth. They are drifting, we are all drifting in the carelessness of the first of summer, high clouds holding to the heat. It's still plenty light out and vroom of lawn mowers shimmers in the not so distance.

Summer is here. Finally. The quest for employment continues, apace. Oh it's hell, it's hell, it's hell.

OMG! The icecream truck just went by!! Orange sherbet push-ups!!


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