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Friday, October 17, 2008

One Year and Five Days Later

I find myself employed.

I find that I have taken a salary cut the equivalent of a small economy vehicle.

I find that I am slightly panicked, but overall I am grateful. (this economy, these benefits)

I find that I really like this new company and the work that it entails.

I find that my Friday night consisted of raking leaves, a quick run, San Marcos Almonds (an extravagance) and cheap wine.

I find the future auspicious.

*note to the Fates - oh ha ha ha, fine then, your senses of humor are perverse and ribald, don't think that I don't appreciate all the little clues you've been dropping willy-nilly, couldn't be clearer if you sat a beatified Jonathan Safran-Foer in front of me - or whatever his name is - to read Everything is Illuminated in the motherfucking flesh. Please call Loki off, and ask Pan to cool it with the wine, though I wouldn't mind if you sent down Venus to abet me in getting laid sometime before I turn forty. Go on and sharpen your shears, ladies. As a personal favor, I'd be most indebted if you cut short McPain and the She Beast.


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