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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

And another thing

So, we have just subjected ourself to an hour and them some of Angelina Jolies awesome rack with built in perpetual THO and legs and blow-doll mouth, and we have three words.

Chuh, As If.

As if it were remotely possible to discover an impossible archeological site and then blow it up as if one were blowing on one's freshly polished nails.

Um, she shark wrangled.... we mean, she subdued a fucking shark by punching by giving it a one-two rockem sockem in the gander under water no less. Frankly and crankily we are less than impressed...

... which brings us to John Kerry, who has recently induced our ire. Dude, fer chrissakes.

What the hell were you thinking not making an appearance at the march on Sunday? You need not to heed all of your flacks and stick to your instinct. Fortunately, or otherwise you are stuck with my vote.

How I long for a Deanian rebel yell, John, give me unscripted, John, John, channel a little Bill. Balls are a good thing. I have a perfect theme song for the campaign, it's a little ditty by everybodies favorite cheeseball, Tom Jones, The Lead and how to Swing It.
Baby, you can swing that lead, led, stop cowtowing to the miserable fuckwits, and also, unleash your wife. You might be surprised at how many ladies in the untenable Sex and the City demographic (that you really, really need) think she's a stand up kind of broad. And another thing.... wait I forgot...


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