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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Happy Birthday to Usses, or Shit Fire

we somehow managed to not save the draft we had been working on for the last hour, therefore we will attempt to summarize

We said, the events of the day augur well for an auspicious year, dirty thirty three, our jesus year.

A cab ride, a clear blue sky.

An unexpected ex serenading our cell phone, too many halves, half hoping, half reproach, half complicity, half expectation, half gone, half of a silhouette, a half of a fingerprint on a thigh, half of a curve fitted into half of a curve. Half a promise, now half forgotten.

perhaps a new job, perhaps a new life, perhaps.

old friends on telephone lines, mothers and fathers, a laid up brother.

A screening of Shrek 2, P, P and M, we laugh and laugh. Do you know the muffin, man? The muffin man? The MUFFIN MAN!! The perennial punchline.

odd days birthdays, one never knows what to expect when one expects nothing.

the bath is drawing, our earlier thousand word prose is lost, in one minuste we will be another day older and closer to death.


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