emma b. says

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Bitterness Stew

one dash hope
one hope dashed

half cup ennui
cup of tears
two drops alligator tears

salt (the wounds) liberally
pepper to taste

three pounds organ meat
pickled liver
one smoked lung

acid of lemon
all of the useless love songs

4 tablespoons of curdled virginity
6 tablespoons of neglected dream

generous sprinkling of loneliness (sans cat)
6 cups broth of thyme lost

simmer ingredients awhile
boil for excitement
add a lot of wine, deglaze, glaze over

add more wine, throw in a straight up vodka martini, set alight
burn it up, burn it off

reduce heat, shiver
it's good to feel something, anything

turn up heat, variation enriches flavour, it's all about the melding of tastes

simmer, simmer, simmer

finish with cream of disillusionment and a splash of rage

serve with a generous amount of potato product, bread and pastas.

Serves one.


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