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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Requiem for my America Part I

yeah, that whole not drinking thing is going to have to wait until tomorrow. It has taken a bottle of wine and the first Greg the Bunny disc to quell the vitriol that has replaced my blood supply. I am seething, seething with rage, despair, betrayal. I have bloodlust, I want to be a vampire and suck them dry and knaw their bones and gristle, saute their entrails, fricasse the entire republican constituency, and save all of those misguided evangelicals for my gargantuan dessert.

Do they not know what they have done? They might as well proffer up their first borns on the bier. Welcome to Jesusland O denizens of the internet hinterlands, welcome to biblespeak, where morality means legislating those buggering gays into second class citizenry, where dead people in other countries mean little, but here in the heartland the fetus a woman conceives she must hunker down and bear.

Morality or Hypocrisy, tell me what would your Jesus do.

I cannot write, I cannot speak yet, I am so angry, I am so angry. I don't know whether to fight or flee. And my morality, in my moral code, guns are not a good thing, but in this instant, if you put one in my hand, I am not sure that I could trust myself to govern my rage.

I point the gun at the churches who preach hysteria and the sheep who followed blindly, I point and I shoot. You wanted a fucking holy war, you aligned yourselves with your terrorist islamist counterpoints and proclaimed a jihad. Guess what, you got it.

So there it is, we have ourselves a civil, civil war. It's my America too, and I will fight you for it, I shall use my cunning and my wit, for while you might be mighty and numbrous, you are slow and ungainly, and worthy of my disdain. Reason will prevail. I am making it my mission, George, before these four years are up, I will see you impeached, I will see you slink into your twilight of infamy shamed and shunned by your precious moral base.

and p.s. I gleefully await your daughter's debut in homemade porn. I can't wait to see Jenna being ass-fucked by the Saudi royal prince.

Oh, and Asscroft, as far as I know I still have the right to freedom of expression and so I am sending you a hearty FUCK YOU!


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