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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

34 & almost a week, 82 degrees

The weather has turned on the charm, the hussy, all balmy blue skies and sun kissed cheeks. Except for the burns, oh yes, the burns. I was out with a couple of highschool girlfriends on Saturday when the weather decided to turn coy, one of them is the married to a dermatologist, and thusly she has lots of wisdom and product. We set out on our cross-city hike having embalmed our faces in SPF 30 (18 for me, don't tell her) but forgot our other parts. So it is that I have a rather jarring farmer john tan and a red neck. I have a red neck. I am not a redneck.

I know it's bad, bad and possibly uncouth, and possibly lethal to miss being tan, but I miss the bikini line and the sock line from tennis in the summer. I am fond of the freckels that sprout on my nose and dot my cheeks. My skin gets brown and my eyes get green and my hair gets golden without spending all of that money.

It was a lovely birthday weekend, full of friends as it should be.


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