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Friday, November 11, 2005

30 second movie reviews

Millions: I want to lap vanilla icecream off of the beautiful boy's head and then play tag. Everybody should have a spliff smoking saint to talk to. Delightful, weepy. Danny Boyle - who knew?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Johnny Depp has lost his crackers and should only and evermore play drag queens. I would like to have a pet oompa loompa and a glass elevator at my disposal, also Helena Bonham Carter needs to stop with the bad teeth already. Acid flashback invoking, loads of fun.

Rize: Holy shit how do they do that? That's amazing, they are amazing, bodies are amazing, can I get my ass to do that too? A fucking awesome documentary on clowns vs. krump, these truly visionary young people sculpting their new art form. David la Chapelle, from fashion rag to ghettotastic - who knew?


  • Hi
    I was searching for articles on cabbage when I came across this post, which is a bit weird really. I've enjoyed the experience but I'm not at all sure I've found what I'm looking for :0)

    Just thought I'd say hello.

    By Anonymous baking bread, at 4:35 AM PST  

  • Crikey! One minute I'm searching the web for things on lobster, and the next I'm reading this post. I'm not sure that's exactlly what I had in mind, emma, but I've enjoyed my visit. Now I'm off to try another search on lobster.

    By Anonymous salmon, at 5:50 AM PST  

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