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Sunday, December 03, 2006

part II

how does the music play and how do those silly songs manage to drown you out, I can't hear you anymore because I am that girl hitting hard on the slurpee and holding fast to the edge, holding tight and steadfast to the edge, just like the inevitable end - god is gonna ask you who you love best (and my best girls, it wasn't me), it wasn't and it wasn't ever going to be me. I was always meant for that uttered bit of solimnlity, the nice girl who would have cherished your dark side of the moon, sadly you were only fearful of the golum that you called forth.

so we sing the songs, I sing him the old songs. I love you, I love you, I loved you, I love you hanging on the banks. I love you down the bank, I loved you when you didn't love me twirling in the middle of the river with nothing but everywhere to go, and the sirens sing and the sirens sting and the sirens howl, and I curl around myself.. we are along passed those easy cliches, I lost you there in the sirens' song.

so maybe we will meet again in the crystalline moment between photographs, I'll be caught between disbelief and you'll be caught with the fervor of a westsuit and super caffeinated chai, and for you and I and only for you and I, it will have never been enough.


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