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Saturday, October 06, 2007


adminstrative mumbo-jumbo but writing is likely to be light as I head into the holy crap I am moving to another state in four days, threeish/fourish days.

I am more addlepated than I have ever been, still amazed that I have not had a melt down.

This weekend is one of my favorites of the year, bluegrass and blue angels. Everything about today from the war planes to teddy thompson in his slept in suit, earnestly singing mysogynistic country songs, not a dry pussy in the park, god how we cannot ever resist a self aware cad -- even the doyenne Emmylou Harris squirmed a little in the presence of this feckless, pale Englishman with a big voice and a legacy.

But back to the weather, I am sunburned and windburned and deeply, deeply exhausted. Thanks to last night's tequila I woke up fully clothed again. I am grateful that I get to leave when the City is at it's most vibrant, here in early October, when every hour is the magic hour, nothing but jewel tones and expensive cocktails, slanting sunlight and the lyrics to songs you really ought to remember, but will soon forget. It's lovely, it's perfect, it's perfect and here I am prying my fingers loose, here I am letting go of the kite strings. I am going sailing, gone fishing, gone after the perfect cliche, sort of or almost. A few more boxes to fill, a few more goodbyes, a solid night of dreamless sleep, a memorial, hope springs eternal for a clement journey.


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