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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Bullets/Equinox

* I'm still here, in Portland, that is.
* Still sick, three and a half weeks of intermittent fever, impacted sinuses, newest symptom - extreme gastro-intestinal distress.
* Still jobless, temp job ending shortly, dipping into savings, skirry!
* interview next Thursday, think good thought internets, I am counting on you.
* still hanging with the skate rat, mixed emotions about that, he's sweet, and I freely admit that I am making up for the deficit of making out.
* I have half an ear cocked to the local news at 11:00, local news is weird. Weirder since half the time I am surprised that I am in Oregon.
* State of Oregon hates me, I don't get sick like this, ever.
* My cherry trees are shedding their blossoms all over my porch and my side walk, I can't bring myself to sweep them up - they remind me of Akira Kurasowa. Four Seasons I think?
* It stays light here, late, again, so far North.
* I have all kinds of flora shooting up in the garden, but I am so hopeless, I cannot distinguish what is weed and what is a potential crocus.
* That said, my lawn is shortly in need of serious mowing, I went and looked my lawn mower (awaiting my loving care in the garage) it's the electric kind. I stared hard at it for a quick minute, then decided the lawn could wait a little longer.... then I called my dad.
* My best friends P & M came for the weekend from SF.
* I was so happy they came up, we had an excellent time, though the weather was skittish. I was glad to be host, proud to show off my home and my new town.
* If you are ever in Portland, do eat at Le Pigeon. Four words: foie gras ice cream.
* Had a really great dinner party on friday night for my old friends and my family and my new friends, and I was extremely pleased that all parties were happy and suitably wowed by my carnitas, slow cooker, oh how I love you. Thanks P!
* Muse still mostly gone, not sure what to do about that, best to be patient.
* Pessimistic about the economy, but I've been watching the market like a hawk. Follow the money, but the money is confused. Mixed emotions about Wall Street bail outs.
* Funny how quickly a scandal fades - Elliot Spitzer's hooker seeking ways diminished by Street fluxuations and Obama selling out his granny.
* I think I have finally set aside all my skepticism and have allowed myself to be wooed by Obama. (I still have reservations, if HRC were any other woman... No more dynasties.... even Bill, Bill! who I hearted, oh so very much, is making me berserker)
* There are lots of rainbows and flowers here, everything will work out as it should.
* Plus! Bowling on Friday!!


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