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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Eight Reasons, Politics or Fanny Ardant

1. Fanny Ardant makes you wanna drink in a good way, she's got that sort of madeira voice that makes you want to break open the bottle and lick the dregs, where as, if we take Friday night, current politics makes me sloppy drunk and slightly (beaucoup) aggressive and I wind up taking home a man I shouldn't.

2. Have you seen her mouth, and I am not talking about the faux plumped lips of out American starlets, where all you see is bloated collagen, Fanny, she's got the real deal, a true sensualists mouth. In politics all you have is lipless lip service, and Diane Feinstien, I have consistently voted for you, but missus, I am pissed at you for publicly dissing Gavin Newsom, and I wont vote for you again.

3. If Fanny Ardant ever inspired anyone to rip their heart out, it was for a passion that is grander and more mysterious than I. If I felt like I were going to rip my heart out, and did, countless times since Tuesday, it wasn't because I felt as if I might perish but for the touch of my lover, it was that I felt I might perish at the careless hand of my government.

4. Fanny Ardant wears clothes much better then That Man (henceforth I shall ever refer to George Bush as that man, as it pains me to have to write his name)

5. She has a lovely singing voice and she can arch her eyebrows, I have seen Rove attempt to arch his eyebrows, not at all seduisant, and I frankly don't even want to think about Underlord Cheney breaking into song.

6. That Man in heels, enough said. Or let us linger for a moment, shall we speculate at the state of That Man's calves, hairy, or sparsely furred. Ew - I am grossing myself out.

7. Fanny Ardant rolls her r's with such authority, not even beloved Bill can do that.

8. I am prevaricating, because I can't quite bring myself to write the second half of what I set out to write. Though I have managed to remain sober enough and keep the hysteria that threatened to subsume me at bay since my drink-a-thon followed by my inadvertent fuck-a-thon and the painfully bright reality of the heinous and debilitating hang-over on Saturday, just you try and take a pitching and rolling ferry to Sausalito in my state. And for those few days I was totally convinced that I was thoroughly going to lose my shit for once and for all. But Reason has prevailed, as Reason will, eventually. And life will go on, and I will continue, and perhaps it's a blessing, because blessings always come in ugly wrapping paper, that this abortion of an election produced another activist. Emma is heading into the fray.


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