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Friday, February 25, 2005

Briefly As C's Pot Brownies are Moist and Terribly Potent

But hulee mother of jeebus, Polyphonic Spree rocks me and rolls me, and I can hear my upstairs neighbors, the ones that haven't mastered the whole rug thing, the one's that don their clogs at 7Am and clomp, clomp, clomp, but now all I can hear is hey, here comes the sun, and it makes me smile.

And I have tatoos on my hands, a boot for walking for smoking, a mermaid for drinking, and hey, here comes the sun and it makes me smile, bada bump pum, pum, bada bump pum, pum. And sometimes though the hour is late and your shirt smells of liquour, sometimes the disco ball caresses your face, sometimes you dance with abandon with your very dearest friend and the crowd swells and fists pump the air and everyone shouts, hey now it's the sun, and it makes me smile. And they do, and you do.


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