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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Marathon Motherlode

I just finished watching the much awaited 2046, that shamefully made it to DVD before hitting my neighborhood cinema. It occurs to me, that if a Saturday was gloomy enough it would be interesting to do a side by side comparison of trilogies. Kieslowski and Wong Kar Wai.

Proposed line up:
Blue, Days of Being Wild
White, In the Mood for Love
Red, 2046

Film students seeking theses, thank me later. Based on those six films from a Polish European and a Hong Kong Cantonese you could argue the universality of tone and palette, and how we all, regardless of language and pigment more often then not fuck up those dubious tendrils of love and spend the rest of our lives in atonement or disguised agression. Which category are you, internets? I atone, lord do I ever.


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