emma b. says

Friday, June 03, 2005


There are a number of very sound reasons why one should not bed the bartender at one's favorite watering hole. It could be considered poor form, a breach of the chinese wall. It could make ordering drinks, well, fraught with tension. That is if one of the parties involved takes issue with the other party.

This party would like to chalk up to two consenting adults and a rather large quantity of wine which leads this party to quote from the Book of Wisdom by Brittany Spears, "whoops, I did it again". Wherein good judgement was disregarded in favor of a very pleasurable tumble.

This party is willing to negotiate further tumblings with the other party.

But first this party has got to get some sleep, because there is nothing quite so humbling than the 6AM walk of shame on two hours of sleep.

I guess this party has been shorn of her restituted virginity. Hallefuckinglujia.


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