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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow, Ice, Wind

Ah, local news. Churning the citizenry into a cappucino froth, the weather! It will happen! (with the caveat of or not!) but something will happen! So prepare, prepare, prepare!

And then we all stand around and marvel when it does, doe eyed in the cold and white. ODOT will capture the brazen and the foolish on their way to somewhere or nowhere at all, slip-sliding sideways and backwards when the East wind has buffed the macadam to a high gloss and in slow motion anticipation we spin the wheel away from the discordant sound of metal on metal.

I was anticipating a house full of people today, and I had a vat of chili to be made. So I got up at eight and looked outside. I've been running the heat at a steady sub-tropical 75 degrees, so I roused myself from my languid Sunday morning with the promise of wonderland. I was not disappointed as I folded myself back into my still warm sheets for another twenty minutes, I announced happily to my teddy bear that it was snowing and ruefully wished for a live body. If you are ever going to wake up to anyone, how lovely to do it when the world has gone white and quiet, and landmarks been befuddled. What better reason to not get out of bed.

But I did, empty bed, chili to be made.

I was chopping onions and browning chuck by 8:30 watching winter out my kitchen window, all of that confectioner's sugar snow huffing off of my neighbor's roof.

I have never really cooked with jalepeno peppers before. I made a note to myself to not rub my eyes, so after I had washed my hands in hot water with soap, I forgot and I rubbed my eyes. Holy Fuck, I'm blinded. I'd just like to state that it's not easy to give oneself an eyewash without an eyecup and the easy use of ones hands.

so I went out and had a mani and a pedi. Came back and beaned my chili, got wise put on my sorels, my ski goggles and my ugly ski jacket and went tromping through the snow and the wind on a cheese mission. A fool I looked, but a warm fool is no fool at all. Priorities after all.

One stock pot full of chili later, I found myself fitful in the house, a little bit stir crazy, a lot lonely. But that's what cold winter nights like this are for, underscoring what is absent.


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