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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just a girl, watching a speech, coddling risotto

It wont be the last time that I flippantly, so flippantly say these are strange days, and it won't be the last time in the near future where I opine that I think I might be living history. And it feels a little weird, a little outside. If I am anything like my mystified peers, we all thought it began and ended with MTV, it all began and ended with other people on television, making spectacles of themselves, with conveniently appropriate soundtracks that we culled and edited for ourselves, this was back in the heady days of mix tapes, from walkmen to discmen to iPods, from bit technology to the wild, wild internets with its sideways combination of news and porn news and just plain old porn. It was always about other people, it was never about us.

So here we are slightly baffled before our screens and our news feeds. Digesting our dinners, along with god only knows what and my poor brain pan is already completely saturated.

And yet, strange rays of light beamed through the television and npr and the computer, our President, that beacon, that beacon of reason, quick (homage to the Simpsons) let's break his legs.

I'd ask a sage if there were any left, is this what it is like, to be aware of just how likely these days are going to be put through the spectrum of history, just who records this anyway. I am just a blip of an uncommitted blogger paying half my mind to the risotto on the stove, wishing I had more sex in my life above money, wanting to hug the President, I've got a free account and dammit I am throwing my two cents out to the world. Because I can.

And there you have the crux of the modern world, a citizenry armed with lap tops and opinions, how to sift, how do you even begin. Naturally, I am right and you should all agree with me, right? Because my iPod thinks I am gay man, and this is a problem, while on topic my iPod would like you to know that I am not having enough sex and beseeches the reading public - shut up iPod....

Note to iPod shuffle, stop already with the Jane's Addiction, what is this 1989??


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