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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Just Because

Because when I run into you we are precise as diamonds, and you cut my cheek and you cut me to the quick.

Because I left you on the corner, because it was raining and I preferred to get wet.

Because I poured too much tequila and too much salt into the lemon meringue pie. because my mother poured out my lemon juice, I burnt her pie crust.

Because the Earth hiccupped 44,000 people perished, because I can't stop dreaming of water, and the water recedes and then I drown.

Because you sparkle and you crackle and I cannot have you, so I will squelch your embers with the heel of my palm. Because I do not feel pain.

Because every truth I thought was True has been disproved, because I thought I might hide for a long while.

Because I am foolish.
Because I am a fool.
Because a fool would not have it any other way.


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