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Friday, December 17, 2004

Silver Balls, Bourbon Balls, Deck Your Halls, Wilting Poinsettias

This post is designed to allay any fears on behalf of my most cherished former spouse that Emma has not lost her last marble. I have three left before I shoot the moon and I am guarding them jealously.

Tis the season of the fucking office party and I have been to two this week. P's was decidely fabulous, how could a girl not feel like a dissedent russian princess swanning around a suite at ten grand a night. Did I mention that the billiard room looked like a turkish bath, and shh internets but I will tell you a secret... My P, my compatriot and partner in crime actually illicited me to commit a truly criminal act.... yes, you wait with baited breath as I explain that I nicked a book from the fabulous library of the 10 grand a night suite at the behest of P who felt that she deserved this book. I risked a booking and a cuffing for this woman, which underscores my iunesteemable esteem for this woman.

And so this evening we went to Incredibly Lame Banker Party at Deliious Restaurant, my goal was to pour as many free cocktails and stuff many duck spring rolls as I could into my gullet before the obligatory retarded power point presentation commenced. Mission Accomplished. Also Friday will undoubtedly herald the fifth consecutive day that I have shown up for work with a hang-over , I console myelf with the notion that at least this year I did not play air guitar to AC/DC's "givin' a dog a bone"

That I reserve for the very special, if occaisional members of my living room club, which is decidedly empty tonight.... hello BOB!!!


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