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Monday, January 10, 2005

Babble On

And so the sun peered out for 45 seconds today and lo we were blinded, and then it promptly began to rain. It must be stated that Californians are pussies when it comes to weather, less so in the Northern reaches where snow happens and from whence I come. But after a decade in San Francisco the only thing I can remember are glorious days spent careening down mountains in shorts and the greatly prized ski boot tan line.

Two weeks of incessant rain are making me batty and paranoid, already slices of our crazed neighbors in the South are surfing the mud into the sea and I am waiting for the cataclysm in my drenched city, the US Geological Survey explains that the earth is still pinging like a school bell and doomsayers are saying that all the San Andreas fault needs is a nudge.


I have just come from the bath as my feet were cold and now they are not. I was reading an old book that P gave me, My World and Welcome to It, by J. Thurber. Sweet, but dated and also so un-PC as to make my lefty eyeballs fairly sizzle, I did come across a vignette about the old magazine Punch and I realized that Drudge was Punch in a previous life, one again illustrating that the more things change the more they stay the same.


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